"Pumps, Well Pumps, Pressure Tanks from A to Z. Apple to Apple 30% below anybody, anywhere."Sam Shorez, President of Discount Water Tanks Inc.
Water Tanks, Water Pumps and Well Pumps! Call Us (619) 600-7777
"Pumps, Well Pumps, Pressure Tanks from A to Z. Apple to Apple 30% below anybody, anywhere."Sam Shorez, President of Discount Water Tanks Inc.
Water Tanks, Water Pumps and Well Pumps! Call Us (619) 600-7777

San Diego Water Tanks, Water Pumps and Well Pumps

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Discount Water Tanks has the solution for any and all your water storage needs. Whether you need freshwater storage, potable water storage, hot water storage, rainwater collection, or just about any type of water storage, we have got the right tank for you. Our industry leading water tanks are made with high quality, durable material, and our extensive line of water storage systems are perfect for fire and agricultural industries, including our above ground and underground tanks. Our extended service area covers all of San Diego County, Riverside County and the Northern Mexico border regions of Tijuana, Rosarito, Mexicali and Ensenada.

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Discount Water Tanks

We carry pressure tanks and all types of pumps for your well including booster pumps in all sizes, complete wiring, pipes, etc.

Anything you need for your well from A to Z!

Discount Water Tanks is a complete one stop shop that can provide a knowledgeable and professional solution to your water storage and water distribution system needs. Our full line of water tanks include: Polyethylene Water Tanks, Galvanized Steel Water Tanks, Fire Protection Water Tanks, Freshwater Tanks, and Polypropylene Water Tanks that are guaranteed to keep your water fresh and clean, combine that with the dependability of our discount water pumps and discount well pumps we are certain that you will find everything you need under one roof.

At Discount Water Tanks, we feature fully FDA approved High Density Linear Polyethylene (ANSI/NSF Standard 61) water storage tanks. Our water storage systems are Compliant with Local, State, and National standards for Fire Protection. For outdoor solutions, Discount Water Tanks carries green, opaque tanks that blend with the environment, which provide additional protection from UV rays, and reduce algae growth. We also carry specially designed tanks for water containment (8.5 lbs./gal.). Their seamless, one piece construction is both durable and resistant, maintaining the tank’s integrity at all times, and making it impact and corrosion resistant.

Many of our tanks come with a standard 1-1/2″ spin weld fill (#02017) and 2″ Polypropylene discharge adapter (#93200). Discount Water Tanks also offers an optional 4″ fire adapter, anti-vortex assemblies, and we make 3″ water tank vents available. Hard-plumbing of the tank is not recommended due to the expansive/contractive characteristics of Polyethylene. Please download our PDF product list below and contact us today for a quote!